Thom Evans in Attitude Magazine

By on October 19, 2012

Rugby jocks are blazing hot! What’s not to love? They’re beefy, macho and handsome. Oh, and they wear tight shorts when they’re playing ball. Those sexy little hot pants never disappoint when it comes to dreamy butt shots. What’s more, these sexy jocks are not shy about getting butt naked. Ever heard of Gods of Football? It’s a calender filled with a bunch of Australian football and rugby players, some nude and others shirtless, and it’s a hot collection to say the least! When we first found Gods of Football, we were instantly hooked on ‘rugby jocks.’

Thom Evans, former Scottish international rugby union player turned model, is one of those rugby jocks who makes us want to look twice. And then a third time… And, again…


Apparently we’re not alone. Attitude Magazine published a photo spread of Thom Evans and the photos, well… They speak for themselves!

But, don’t take our word for it. Have a look for yourself.

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