TV’s Hottest Men

By on October 13, 2012

There are tons of guys on TV who we’re totally crazy about… If we listed them here, this post would never end so to keep it short we’ve put together a list of the guys who’ve caught our attention recently.

Matt Bomer

He’s slick and sophisticated on the hit series White Collar and he proved that he’s got all the right moves in Magic Mike…  Matt Bomer is smokin’ hot! If you haven’t seen him parading around on stage in a g-string and showing off that incredible butt of his be sure to get a copy of Magic Mike on DVD!

Taylor Kinney

He’s currently playing a fire fighter on Chicago Fire but you might remember him as the sexy werewolf on The Vampire Diaries. He was hot enough as a supernatural babe on The Vampire Diaries but now, as a fire fighter, he’s smokin’ hot (pun intended).

Dave Annable

The hottie from Brothers & Sisters is now moving into 666 Park Avenue. Dave caught our attention when he was on ABC’s Brothers & Sisters and now he’s doing it all over again! Dave’s got that sexy ‘man-boy’ thing going on — he’s rough and rugged but he can just as easily be the boy next door. Sigh… What a babe!

Stephen Amell

Canadian hunk Stephen Amell is heating things up on CW’s new series Arrow. The show’s about billionaire playboy Oliver Queen who secretly fights crime and corruption. Is it just us or is Stephen looking incredibly hot these days?

Chris Zylka

Chris (Secret Circle, The Amazing Spider Man) was set to appear as a guest star with a major storyline in American Horror Story’s second season but it seems that the will no longer appear on the show (as reported on Well, he’s still on our hottie list.

Steven R. McQueen

He started out as Elena’s lonely little brother on The Vampire Diaries but as the series progressed, Steven has grown up and we’re just starting to notice what a babe he is!

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